MPI Services

Document Services

Notary Services, Document Process Service, and Registered Agent Services

Paralegal Services

Document preparation for
many different types of legal matters: Copyright, Patent, Trademark, & Business Registration, Lawsuits, Divorce, Eviction

Domains & Websites

Domains, Domain Privacy, Domain Locks, SSL Security Certificates, Website Hosting, and Web Design. All the tools you need to build and design your website, and make your website visible to the world while also maintaining security over your business information.

Domain-Based Email Systems

Using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. as the primary email system for your business is not only high risk for hackers and spam, but it simply does not appear professional or trust-worthy to consumers in today's business climate. Let MPI Services build your company a Domain-Based Email System that reflects the name or industry of your business.

Web Presence & Social Media Management

Too many small-business owners underestimate the marketing power of a unified and active web presence. The internet is by far the least expensive and most effect means of getting Your Business' message to reach potential customers. But just having a website or Facebook page is only a drop in the bucket, and you’re still only reaching a fraction of the potential customers out there! Yet. for mere pennies a day, your post-content could be hitting every major social media network, putting your company’s message in front of thousands of new people each day, with far less time and effort than you might think.

MPI Webstore Featured Items

*Stated prices at time of publishing. All prices are subject to change.

  • New Domains as low as

    $ 9.99 /yr
    • .com
    • .org
    • .net
    • .us
    • And thousands of the new TLD custom domains!
  • Managed WordPress Website Hosting

    • Basic for $6.99/mo
    • Deluxe for $8.99/mo
    • Ultimate for $14.99/mo
  • SSL Security Certificates

    • Standard SSL for 1 website
      $49.99 /yr
    • Standard (UCC) SSL for up to 5 websites
      $59.99 /yr
    • Premium SSL for 1 website
      $99.99 /yr
    • Single Domain with WildCard
      (Unlimited Sub Domains)
      $199.95 /yr
    • Premium (UCC) SSL for up to 5 Domains
      $349.99 /yr

MPI Services

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